About Us

What we do

To introduce and expand SCF in Africa FACM, is investing in a network of local Finance Companies, called FACTS (Financial Access Commerce & Trade Services) and to make them into leading Supply Chain Finance Institutions.

The FACTS entities specialize in offering supplier finance, factoring and distributor finance to SMEs. SCF is an alternative, short-term finance instrument, with no or limited physical collateral, that is fast available, flexible and affordable, and unlocks the untapped potential of SMEs all along the supply chain.

Group Structure

FACM has its Headquarters in Amsterdam.  The company acts as the holding company of the FACTS operating entities and operates through 2 main subsidiaries:

  • FACTS East Africa BV owns the local finance companies FACTS (Kenya) Ltd and FACTS (Uganda) Ltd as well as a specialized funding vehicle called FACTS Advance BV;
  • FAEA Ltd. domiciled in Kenya, used for technical assistance and SME support operations

At present, shareholders in FACM include (a) the partners of Financial Access Capital Partners Ltd, (b) an institutional SME fund: SEAF, and (c) a number of private investors.  We have a strong Board and Management team.

FACM is responsible for central treasury operations, compliance and investor relations.

Amsterdam Office