Today, modern Supply Chain Finance evolves around state-of-the-art technology. FACM has secured the Africa distribution and usage rights for the ASYX SCF platform, which Financial Access had previously rolled out to commercial banks through its associated company eBiashara (Africa) Ltd.  This IT service provider was divested as a group company in 2016 in order for FACM to concentrate fully on building out FACTS.

Since FACM and ASYX work closely together and forged a strategic partnership. We strongly believe that SCF needs to be offered, not as a IT solution, but as an integrated and SCF business concept, including product development, marketing & sales assistance, legal and governance and operational support.  Many financial institutions elect to in-source *** rather than develop in house

The ASYX Supply Chain Finance Platform is the basic layer of SCF software solutions. The Platform contains generic components, such as the user interface, data exchange, workflow engine and system administration components.

In this manner, the Platform is connecting Buyers, Sellers, Suppliers, Distributors and Financial institutions through a secure web-based technology that enables early payment to suppliers and/or late payment to distributors.

The FACTS entities use the Platform and its applications to interact with its client base, and are continuously working with ASYX as the platform vendor to enhance product functionality and adapt to local circumstances.